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A New Covenant Community from the Reformed Baptist Tradition. Preaching the gospel to all and discipling those who believe in Sugar Land, Texas and throughout the world.



"First, let us begin by emphatically declaring that it is parents (fathers in particular) and not the church who are given the primary responsibility for calling the next generation to hope in God. The Church serves a supplementary role, reinforcing the biblical nurture that is to occur in the home. It is not the job of professionals at the church to rear the children of believers in the faith."  


Charles H. Spurgeon



Family Worship is a practice that dates back to the beginning of the Judeo Christian faith.  When God selected Abraham to be the gate through which the Messiah would come into the world, he said, "For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord, by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring to Abraham what he has promised him.” Hence, Abraham taught his children who taught their children and so on and so on. This is why the Old Testament is filled with references to fathers teaching their children about the Lord.  


The Bible also teaches that what God promised Abraham has not been completed. All who come to faith in Christ are themselves a fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham. This means that fathers who are in Christ, should be teaching their children.  This is why Paul commands the fathers of the church to "bring up [your children] in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."  There are many things in the Bible that are confusing, but when it comes to training children in the faith there is no ambiguity, the Word of God taps fathers for this duty.



  • Relationships between parents and children are improved. There is not a pronounced "generation gap" between children and parents.

  • Children learn better from parents than  from strangers. 

  • One of life's more important lessons is learned during family worship: how to sit and listen. (Read here for tips on developing this skill in your younger children.)

  • Fathers tend to thrive as men and leaders of their home when they take the responsibility for leading their families in worship.

  • Wives appreciate the fact that their husbands are being the leaders that God created them to be.

  • It's refreshing to take some time out of the day when you don not have to worry about daily chores and affairs but can rest in the eternal truths of God's Word and promises.

  • It causes fathers to be intentional about reading the Word of God and being prepared to talk about it with each other.

  • Daily prayer is life sustaining. 

  • Children tend to watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Taking time out of a busy day to worship God is one of the best lessons a father can model. 

  • It is good to worship our Creator who is worthy of our worship. 


Family worship practices are as varied as families themselves. Some families will choose a night to read about the persecuted church. Others will simply sing and pray, saving Bible study for a different time. Some will have special nights where they read from books like Pilgrim's Progress and discuss the story. There are a thousand ways to do family worship and the one thing that should unite them all is prayer and singing. As a tool for discipleship, we would like to offer the following patterns:


Suggested Family Worship Pattern

  • Opening Prayer of thanksgiving and confession of sin (2 minutes)

  • Sing  (3 minutes)

  • Read a passage of Scripture

  • Discuss, if discussion is beneficial (5 minutes)

  • Sing (3 minutes)

  • Closing Prayer (2 minutes)

    Total Time: 15 minutes (If your children are older you can extend the worship time as is beneficial.)

Suggested Weekly Prayer Pattern:

Monday: Church Family    

Tuesday: Lost Nations    

Wednesday: Government Leaders  

 Thursday: Elders  

Friday: Extended family and friends.

Saturday: Immediate family


These are a few of our favorite resources if you wish to learn more:

"Every Christian family ought to be, as it were, a little church.”

Jonathan Edwards