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800 Brooks Street

Sugar Land, Texas 77478

A New Covenant Community from the Reformed Baptist Tradition. Preaching the gospel to all and discipling those who believe in Sugar Land, Texas and throughout the world.


"Preaching the gospel to all, and discipling all those who believe, in Sugar Land and throughout the world."


This is the mission that Jesus left with his disciples and it continues with us today.  Some churches fall into the trap of being so focused on preaching the gospel that they forget that they are charged with making disciples.  Others are so focused on making disciples that they forget to spread the gospel.  At Emmaus Road, we want to hold both those missions before our eyes so that we don't become unbalanced in our duties. 



We exist to be a place where the Scriptures are accurately taught, human creativity which extends beyond the bounds of God's word is rejected and God's word is honored. We don't make decisions based upon what is normal or popular, but we live and act according to what God's word says.  We seek to be a place where knowledge of God's word is increased and God's flock is cared for, protected, lead, and loved. 


We want to be intentionally comprehensive in our Scriptural diet.  We want to provide a place where we not only worship in spirit, but in truth, where we focus on all of what God wishes to tell us. Our desire is to be able to say along with the Apostle Paul, "I did not shrink back from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you in public and from house to house, ..for I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole counsel of God."


We want  to know Christ and to see him wherever the Scripture reveals him so that we may be encouraged and strengthened. This will only be accomplished as we seek him and learn to live in light of his gospel in every facet of life. 


We plan to take the gospel to all of Sugar Land. We hope to encourage one another to be faithful to speak to our friends and family about Christ. We hope to draw attention to the word of God and more specifically to the preaching of the word of God. We believe the way to get the gospel to every person in Sugar Land is one heart at a time. 

  • Preaching the truths of God's word every week

  • Creating and distributing gospel videos

  • Utilizing the internet in multifaceted ways

  • Educating members in evangelism by providing opportunities and tools

  • Encouraging a normal and organic style of evangelism 

  • Offering counseling to those who express a willingness to learn from the Scriptures.




We encourage all members to take part in

one another's life by spending time together, sharing dinner together, helping one another and praying together in an organic, sincere, and substantial way. 

We seek to provide a place of community by:

  • Sharing a meal together after every service

  • Being intentional about hospitality

  • Holding semi-annual fellowship events

  • Uniting for the advancement of the gospel

  • Meeting weekly in home groups

  • Providing Pastoral care and involvement


We promote the teaching and meditation

upon God's word through worship, preaching and equipping our members for private family study and learning.

We seek to provide a place of discipleship by:

  • Preaching the word of God verse by verse 

  • Meeting in weekly home groups

  • Counseling

  • Encouraging Family Worship

  • Promoting Christian forms of education