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800 Brooks Street

Sugar Land, Texas 77478

A New Covenant Community from the Reformed Baptist Tradition. Preaching the gospel to all and discipling those who believe in Sugar Land, Texas and throughout the world.


We believe that Jesus could return at moment and we try to live in light of this truth. However, this doesn't mean that we sit back and wait, but we obey what Christ himself said; that when he returns we are to be busy doing the work that he has assigned to us. (Matthew 24:45-51)‚Äč In light of Jesus' commandment, we need to look ahead and plan for the work that is before us.  


We believe that the church's mission is to extend the message of the gospel as far as the Lord permits and to disciple those whom the Lord calls out of darkness into his light. There are many other good things that the church could be involved in, like running a soup kitchen, or building houses for the poor, or encouraging political action, but the Lord has not asked the church to do these things. He has only asked two things of the church: to preach the gospel and to make disciples of and care believers.  Therefore, our goals are only those which will allow us to better accomplish those two things.


Jesus charged the local church with preaching the gospel to those who have not heard and teaching and discipling those who come to believe after hearing. This means that we desire to be involved in much evangelism.  We hope to have resources to help the members of this particular body get the gospel into the ears, eyes, minds, and hearts of their family, friends and neighbors. These goals are forever before our eyes and we pray that the Lord will bless our endeavors so that his gospel might go forth and He might receive the reward for his suffering.